Here’s what you should consider when shopping for an RV

Do you plan to bring the pet along?

With summer coming up, we are rolling into road trip season, and one way to hit the road in both comfort and style is in an RV.

These campers have been growing in popularity during the pandemic because they offer a safer alternative to traveling with the family.

Plus, you get to bring all the amenities of home on the road with you while easily fitting the whole family in the vehicle. We spoke to Matt Kosmowski, one of the experts at General RV, to learn what you should look for when shopping for an RV.

1) How big do you want to go? This is probably the biggest thing to consider when shopping for an RV, because there is such a large range. There are towable options for those who have a powerful truck and want to save some money, and there are full-blown motor homes for those who have a big family and want to travel in style.

2) Who will you be traveling with? Do you plan to bring the kids on a lot of your adventures, or do you plan to keep it to yourself and one other person? Will pets be coming on the road trip, as well? This affects what sort of amenities you want to look for in your RV.

Kosmowski showed us a towable trailer with bunk beds for kids that would easily fit a family of four.

3) When is your trip? If your vacation plans are still a few months away, then this is the perfect time to be shopping.

You can easily spend a few nights in the RV as it sits in your driveway for a fun family night. Plus, Kosmowski recommends getting used to all the amenities first, while you are still at home, before you take it on the road.

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