This Grosse Pointe bar is a fan favorite for watching a big game

Detroit Red Wings players would stop by after games

From classic burgers to hot dogs with the perfect snap, Marge’s Bar and Grill has just what you want to eat while watching a big game! This homey bar, with old school food and sports memorabilia on the walls, has been run by Jim Depuys’ family since the 1960s.

While his father initially bought the place, his Mom took it over in the 70s, but it was not an easy journey.

“You know, a single woman running a bar in the ‘70s is a little different than it is today,” says DePuys. He went on to say they struggled and almost lost the bar.

Once the ‘80s hit, however, things started to look up. They introduced food to the menu, and Jim, being a big fan of hockey, made sure to always play the Red Wings games on the televisions.

“The Wings were horrible,” says DePuys. “I was the only guy watching hockey in this whole town.”

That’s when things really got cooking. Over the years, Marge’s became the place to watch hockey. Jim even met some of the Detroit Red Wings and they would frequent the bar after games. You can see a lot of that history on their walls, and while Marge is no longer there, she is still around in spirit.

“Like I saw Steve Yzerman like it’s got to be 15 years ago... first thing out of his mouth - ‘how’s your mom doing?’ That was how she got along with people,” Jim explains. " She’d come in the bar and they would be all over her. They’d be nice to her, help her unload stuff, they were just super.”

Some of her recipes have lived on as well. For example, the dressing they use on their Canadian Salmon Caesar Salad is all her’s. Other popular dishes include their grilled chicken strips and fried perch dinner on Fridays. What they are probably best known for, however, is their hot dogs. They are specially made for Marge’s with the skin on so they have a great snap when you bite into them. Their buns are all lightly steamed and you can get your dog dressed in a variety of toppings. Their entire menu is very non-fussy, filled with bar favorites.

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If you would like to check out Marge’s Bar and Grill, they are located at 15300 Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe.

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