Do you or do you not?

Do you do anything with the pictures you have on your phone?

Today, “What’s the Buzz?” is all about what we do and what we don’t do. Each of us has our own unique way of dealing with the situations we encounter in our daily life. “Do you or don’t you?” is today’s big question.

Guests on “Live in the D” with Kim DeGiulio this week were Blaine Fowler, host of 96.3 WDVD’s Blaine Fowler Morning Show, comedian Mike Bonner, and Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of the Cohen Brand.

Do you do anything with the photos on your phone? Print them? Organize them?

With 759 photos in his camera roll, Blaine voted “I Don’t.” Mike cast his vote for “I Do” and said that he prints his photos. Vanessa says, “I Do” and has over 22,000 photographs in her collection. Kim voted “I Do” and has 11,000 photos.

Do you keep in touch with childhood friends?

A unanimous “I Do” was the panel’s response. From elementary school through high school, Mike’s friends from his early years are still his “guys and brothers.” Blaine says he spoke to his childhood friend on Friday. Facebook and Instagram are the primary means through which Vanessa keeps in touch with classmates from high school.

Do you drive around to find the perfect parking spot?

Mike voted “I Do,” but added that it depends on what he’s doing. If he is doing a gig, he parks close and avoids getting his car dinged. In Blaine’s words, “I don’t care, I just throw the anchor out wherever.” Voting for “I Do,” Vanessa said she parks her car in the back and occasionally doubles up on her parking to avoid getting a scratch on her bright red car. “I Don’t” was Kim’s vote.

Do you TikTok?

Except for Blaine, everyone voted “I Do” and did a few TikTok dances.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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