How mothers can shake off some stress

Nutrition and fitness expert shares some ways that moms can reduce stress, and weight

Being a mom has many rewards, but it can also be extremely challenging. We invited Nutrition and Fitness Expert, and mother, Jody Trierweiler on the show to share some advice for stressed out moms on ways to relax, and take some time for a healthier life.

Jody’s newest program focuses on the needs of stressed mothers, and “Fit Life 4 Moms” provides a four week weight loss program for anybody who is starting the stressful journey.

Jody said that when we are very stressed out, our bodies produce cortisol which increases glucose in the bloodstream and can lead to weight gain. You must address three main things to combat the stress weight gain, and Jody let us know what to consider.

First, Jody said the physical aspect of weight loss is very important. She said changes to your diet and workout routine are vital in the journey to reduce stress. Jody suggests including healthy protein shakes into your diet, and even made one for Jason in studio.

Second, Jody said you will also have to tackle your spiritual connection between other people. Meeting with other people and maintaining good connections can be great motivation, and help reduce stress. Jody’s program incorporates group coaching sessions via zoom that provide support and specific workouts to help you with your weight loss journey.

Third, the psychological aspect of weight loss is important to keep up with. Jody said breaking certain beliefs that you have developed since you were young like “I’m big boned”, “I’m meant to be heavy”, or “I’m never going to lose weight” will assist your mental health along with your physicality. Changing your mindset is akin to changing your body, and breaking unhealthy mental stigmas can be very beneficial.

Watch the video above for more information.