Here’s the key to mixing up the best mimosa

It’s all about the ratio

It’s a refreshing, eye-opener that is the star of many a brunch, and today is the day to raise a toast to the ubiquitous morning cocktail because it is National Mimosa Day. The typical one is made up of orange juice and champagne, or sparkling wine, but what’s the key to a really good one?

Brothers Jacob and Majin Khalil, owners of the restaurant MI.MOSA, has taken the fizzy beverage to a whole new level that can add some colorful style to your next brunch.

The downtown Farmington restaurant is known for serving up their delicious brunch all day long, including dishes like chicken and waffles, and a variety of eggs Benedict to choose from. They also are known for their large list of mimosas!

To make the perfect mimosa, according to them, it should be 3/4 champagne and 1/4 juice. Now you can alter it from there if you want it stronger or weaker, but that is a good starting point.

You also don’t have to limit it to just orange juice. MI.MOSA has tons of different juice options that you can choose from including mango, kiwi, strawberry, pomegranate, cranberry lemonade, grapefruit, watermelon, peach, rose, raspberry, and more.

While they don’t offer bottomless mimosas, they do offer pitchers and flights so you can try more than one.

For more information, watch the full video above. If you want to visit them, they are located at 23360 Farmington Road, in Farmington.

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