TikTok trends for your makeup routine, do they really work?

Hack or whack?

Viral videos on TikTok range from dances, to food trends, but there is also a big following when it comes to makeup hacks. The only issue is, which ones work and which don’t? Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan checked out out the latest makeup trends that are circling around the app to share why they may or may not work.

The first hack Jon talked about is using blush or lipstick as a concealer under your eyes. Jon said you have to be careful because you could just use the right color concealer and a subtle blush, then you wouldn’t need to actually use lipstick under the eyes.

Next, calamine lotion as a primer. Jon said you have to be careful because all calamine lotions are not created equal. There are different ingredients in different lotions. Calamine lotion is dry and you use it to dry up rashes like a poison ivy rash. If you are an older age, the lotion may increase the look of wrinkles.

Then came the trend of “slugging”. Jon said you have to be careful of this trend because everyone has different skin. Its about layering your products. In other words, your moisturizer will be put on your face, and then to seal it, you take Vaseline and put it on last. But, be careful if you already have naturally oily skin.

Finally, Jon touched on the big trend of putting on makeup backwards. To see his thoughts on that watch the video above.