What does summer mean to you?

We are getting ready for Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer!

Who is ready for Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer?!

We know school is not out yet, but let us be honest, once this weekend in May hits, there is a buzz of summer in the air until Labor Day.

Jason Hall with RiDetroit and Vanessa Cohen, the co-founder of The Cohen Brand and owner of Motor City Date Night, joined Live In The D with co-host Jason Carr to talk about kicking off the summer season in Michigan.

Is Memorial Day weekend the start of summer for you?

Hall says the first day of summer is the first day he gets to put shorts on. He is ready to go when it is 70 to 80 degree weather. Cohen says any day that is 72 degrees or higher is summer and she has on shorts. She also added that when she see flowers, or hears lawn mowers and leaf blowers it means summertime.

People wait all year for Michigan summer weather and then travel all during the summer, is that okay? Or should travel be done in the cooler months and stay home in the summer?

Cohen says she she does not travel during the summer and stays in Michigan. However, Hall says summer time is the time to get out and travel and stay in Michigan during the winter season.

Is there a smell or taste that instantly reminds you of summer?

Carr says the unmistakable smell of Cedar Point which has the scent of Lake Erie and fuel oil. Cohen says it smells like barbeque sauce, cut grass, and a mix of fresh linen. Hall says it smells like cut grass and grills.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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