Restaurant loads up fries with unique toppings

Former NBA player is behind restaurant in the D

Instead of just dipping your fries in ketchup, why not load them up with something unique? Spudz & Clucks in Detroit is serving up fries with toppings you might not typically expect.

Former NBA player Malik Hairston is one of the co-owners of the restaurant. He appeared on “Live In The D” to talk about the menu.

Malik highlighted The Godfather Fries, which are served with Alfredo sauce. He also talked about Spudz & Clucks’ Samurai Fries which are Hibachi style. There are also Cheeseburger, Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Parmesan and Nacho Supreme fries, to name a few. The toppings can be piled onto regular fries, sweet potato fries, waffle fries or tater tots.

As the name implies, Spudz & Clucks also serves chicken dishes like sandwiches and wings. Wings can be tossed in a variety of sauces like Blueberry BBQ, Apple BBQ, Mango Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, Caribbean Sauce and more.

For dessert, Spudz & Clucks offers a variety of milkshakes. If you’re looking to fill up on more fries, you can try Granny’s Yams Ala Mode. The dish features sweet potato fries with pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream on top.

Spudz & Clucks is located at 18456 Grand River Ave. in Detroit. You can watch the video above to see more of the items on the menu.

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