Here’s a game-changing grill recipe for the holiday weekend

Own the grill and enjoy the party!

Safe to say, if the weather’s nice, people in just about every neighborhood across the D and likely around the country will be firing up the grill this weekend.

Chef Michael Ollier with our sponsor, Certified Angus Beef, joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to share some great grilling ideas if you want to own the grill and feed a crowd while still enjoying the Memorial Day holiday.

Ollier said people should consider having fun and serving the best dishes when planning their grilling for a crowd.

He said mixing the two can be a challenge if you want to own the grill.

However, he showed a recipe using Certified Angus Beef-brand sirloin steak. He also added that if you want to up your game, try the Certified Angus Beef-brand prime.

Ollier made a quick and speedy sandwich with an Italian-inspired recipe that will allow you to have fun with company.

First, he made a marinade with Italian salad dressing, balsamic vinegar and a little bit of olive oil.

After you make the mix, he said to marinate the sirloin steak for at least an hour or even overnight if you want to achieve more flavor. He added, all of this can be done well in advance of having people over.

Next, he added four steak cubes onto a skewer, which happened to be the perfect number to fit into a hoagie onto the hot grill. He said the hot sizzle is the key to developing the great flavor, grill marks and crust.

Then he added seasoned mayonnaise and shredded lettuce to the hoagie roll and grabbed the skewer from the grill, squeezed it tightly into the hoagie, and voilà! You have your beef speedy, as it called it.

To take your beef speedy to the next level, he said, you can add giardiniera, a trio of pickled vegetables, on top.

If you are wondering what types of skewers to use, he recommended metal ones, because the bamboo skewers tend to burn on the hot grill. He also added that the flattened skewers will not roll around the grill like kabob skewers.

To get more recipe ideas, visit the Certified Angus Beef website.

Watch the video above for the full interview with Ollier.

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