How to transform your backyard into a beautiful living space this summer

A deck doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain

Now that the summer weather has settled in, everybody will be spending more time outdoors. So how can you transform your backyard to be more inviting for all that entertaining and relaxing you plan to do this season?

Well, we spoke to the experts at LumberJack Home and Building Center to get their advice on how to build your dream backyard.

1) Consider building a deck

If you are going to transform your outdoors into a relaxing living space, you need a place to build that. A deck is a great option, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain.

The Trex Decking is made of a composite of recycled wood and plastic and requires very little maintenance when compared to a wood deck, and with lumber prices on the rise, it’s even more appealing. Their experts can help show you the different options for the decking and railings (many of which look very similar to wood), and can help you design the layout.

2) Add some furniture

This is the key to making your outdoor space feel inviting. If the outdoor couch looks nice and cozy, that’s where you and your guests will want to sit. Think of your deck as an outdoor living room, and furnish it accordingly.

3) Consider buying an outdoor rug

Speaking of furnishing the space, a rug can really make it feel more warm and welcoming. Have fun with it, and pick one that fits the vibe you are going for. It can provide a lot of style.

4) Get some outdoor lights

Adding some lights to the space will allow you to use it long into the night, as opposed to just during the day. Those hanging Edison bulbs are really popular right now, but those aren’t your only options. Trex actually has built-in lighting options to illuminate your deck and stairways so you can easily find your way in the dark.

For more great tips, watch the video above. To find the LumberJack location nearest you and get started on your Trex Deck, click or tap here.

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