Make your yard stand out with a butterfly garden

Butterflies are drawn to certain plants

If you’re looking for a different way to make your yard shine, how about creating a beautiful butterfly garden?

Butterfly gardens feature specific plants that attract butterflies. However, not all butterflies are drawn to the same plants.

Carol Chandler, Manager at Barson’s Greenhouse in Westland, said Monarch butterflies feed exclusively on Milkweed. She said Monarchs are popular to raise. She recommends Black Swallowtails for beginners because they have a more varied diet, including fennel, dill, parsley, rue, and celery plants. Debbie Barson, the owner of Barson’s Greenhouse, recommends grouping host plants together in clusters to attract butterflies.

Barson’s Greenhouse has a butterfly habitat that you can visit for free. The garden has butterflies that are all native to Michigan. Barson’s also gives people caterpillars that they can take home to raise.

Barson’s Greenhouse is located at 6414 Merriman Road in Westland. Watch the video above to learn more about creating a butterfly garden in your yard.

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