A bird? A plane? No, a Kite!

Warriors of the wind take flight this weekend

Don’t be surprised if you see something colorful flying over Belle Isle this weekend. The 4th annual Detroit Kite Festival is back this Sunday and they plan to fill the sky with a vivid sight the family will enjoy. Joining host Jason Carr today on “Live In The D” was the Director of the Detroit Kite Festival, Margo Dalal, and Kite enthusiast, Gary Maynard.

Margo said the inspiration for creating the event came from visiting a similar festival in Washington D.C.. She then noticed Detroit didn’t have a city wide kite festival and an idea blossomed. During the pandemic, the event took two years off due to social distancing. Margo was shocked and pleased to see people continue the annual tradition on the island after the cancelations.

Gary is a member of the Wind Jammers, a kite team that will be performing on Sunday. Gary has flown kites since 1983 and has traveled the world doing what he loves best. Gary and Margo brought a variety of kites that will be seen at the festival. For example, a box kite, which Gary made himself. A fighter kite in the shape of underwear, a rokkaku kite (a six-sided kite), and a stunt kite. The stunt kites are what Gary and the Wind Jammers usually fly during performances.

Obviously wind is a big factor to flying a kite but Jason asked if you can still be successful with little wind. Margo said if you get a running start, the kite will fly. Margo also said this is a great way to get the kids up and active. The festival is a free event and anyone, not just the professionals, can fly a kite.

To learn more about the festival, watch the video above.