Here’s a way to a create dreamy sleepover party for kids

A local business creates camping parties for children

You can make sleepovers for kids even more memorable by throwing a dreamy party. Julie McInerney, owner of Sweet Mitten Dreams, joined “Live in the D” Co-host Tati Amare to share ideas you can create yourself or have them do it all for you.

Before making any arrangements for a sleepover, you should think about these two things. The first consideration is the theme. For example, when boys and girls have diverse interests, a theme is critical. Second, decide how many people will be attending.

Sweet Mitten Dreams offers about 15 unique themes from which clients can choose, but if you have a theme in mind that they do not already have, they can create one for you.

McInerney set up a camper design to make the kids feel like they’re in the woods, as well as a dream catcher theme with pastels and playful designs.

She recommends using balloons as a fun way to add a birthday flair to the celebration. She also says that you may add various activities to your experience and personalize the party with custom-made items like pillowcases.

She added that they also handle graduation parties, sweet 16s, and double digit celebrations. They also have cool things like a popcorn bar, a sundae bar, a s’more table (which is a safe way to bring the outdoors inside), and a snack bag containing Michigan-made snacks.

To see the whole interview and an example of tee pees watch the video above.

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