This food truck is unlike any other in the D

Chef serves up tacos and hibachi-style food

A local food truck is creating an innovative culinary experience by offering a menu that features both tacos and hibachi dishes.

Eristotle Pool is the owner of Tacobachi’s, which is serving up the two very different styles of food in a special way. Pool calls Tacobachi’s Detroit’s first taco and hibachi food truck. He says Tacobachi’s also combines the different cuisines in tacos and burritos.

Tacobachi’s hibachi plates feature a choice of three meats: grilled chicken, Ribeye steak or grilled shrimp. The meat is served with garlic butter rice, hibachi veggies, egg, green onion, and Yum Yum sauce. Pool says they make their own yum yum sauce and roast the garlic for their garlic butter rice. He also says the meat used by Tacobachi’s is 100 percent halal.

The food truck offers a variety of taco options, including shrimp tacos that come with lettuce, tomato, onion, marinated shrimp and topped with lime crema. Watch the video above to see more of what’s on Tacobachi’s menu.

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