Manly manicures and pedicures create glam for guys

Jason Carr tries out a local salon designed for men

Getting a mani-pedi is a treat, and it’s not just for women. There’s a place in Livonia offering the spa treatment and more -- just for the guys.

Roderick Byrd and Joanne Byrd are the husband-wife duo behind the new salon called Just for Hym. Joanne came up with the vision for the salon for men, and Roderick helped her bring it to life.

“When the idea was presented to me, I welcomed the idea,” Roderick said. He added, “I always have supported her wholeheartedly in whatever she wants to do, and I thought it was an excellent idea.”

Sports on the televisions, courteous staff on top of their game, and a nonjudgmental vibe greet you when you walk in the door at the salon. The relaxing sound of the nail file and the laughter of the staff help to create the “for Hym” experience. Joanne says people come in as strangers and leave as friends.

Just for Hym offers manicures and pedicures, along with facials, beard-trimming, eyebrow arching and dermaplaning for guys. Roderick says men deserve to be groomed and pampered, adding they deserve to be taken care of just like women.

Just for Hym is located at 28422 Five Mile Road in Livonia. Watch the video above to see “Live In The D” host Jason Carr get a manicure and pedicure.