Detroit’s Plant Fairy is creating magic

She’s getting global requests for local, rare plants

Detroit is known for producing some pretty amazing things, like music and automobiles, and now thanks to a local Botanist some rare, exotic plants being produced here in the city.

“I grow and sale rare tropical plants and I became the “Rare Plant Fairy” because I grant people plant wishes,” Detroiter Jocelyn Ho told “Live In The D’s” April Morton.

She says people look for particular plants and overtime she learned to grow those specific types, and learned to read the market to anticipate what people want.

This is really paying off for Jocelyn who grants those plant wishes to customers all over the globe.

She says she started off as a collector of plants. Then, two years ago, she started growing them in her spare bedroom. She literally outgrew that space due to the high demand for her plants, and today she’s creating the magic of growing exotic, one-of-a-kind plants out of a warehouse on Detroit’s Eastside.

Jocelyn says she has order requests coming in from as far as Thailand. Her most popular plant is the Thai Constellation Monstera, and although they grow these plants in Hawaii, she was shipping a batch there.

“Funny thing is, the Monstera actually grows wild in Hawaii, but the specific color pattern that we grow is not like something that’s found in the wild,” Jocelyn said.

She says many of her customers are plant collectors and, like any collector, they pay big bucks for their beloved greenery. Her Thai Constellations starts around $195, but depending on the pattern can easily get up to a few thousand.

To watch the entire interview with The Rare Plant Fairy, click video above.