Check out this new wine designed for traveling

It’s certified-sustainable and certified-green too!

SOL Summit Wine on Live in the D

Founder of SolSummit Emily Dabish Yahkind joined Jason Carr on “Live In The D” to discuss the launch of her certified-sustainable and certified-green canned wine product designed for travel.

According to Dabish Yahkind, she and her husband are avid runners and hikers who often found themselves packing craft beers in their backpacks for their outings. As a wine lover, Dabish Yahkind wanted to design a canned product perfect for outdoor events.

Dabish Yahkind said she wanted to bring a canned wine to the market without a significant number of additives, creating a natural product for consumers.

She partnered with a fourth-generation vineyard located outside of Napa Valley to create a product “from grape to glass”, promising quality to the consumers.

The product is available in a rosé, a red blend, and Sauvignon Blanc. SolSummit is located in Ann Arbor and is currently being sold across various retailers in Michigan.

For more information, watch the video above.

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