Experience the legacy of local orchards

Westview Orchards and Winery grows peaches, apples and more

Romeo has been home to fruit orchards for generations, and the oldest family-owned farm in Macomb County is just around the corner from the Romeo Peach Festival. Westview Orchards and Winery in Washington has deep roots when it comes to peaches.

Westview Orchards now has its sixth generation of owners, which includes Katrina Roy. She spoke with “Live In The D” reporter April Morton about her family farm’s history and its peaches. Roy says Westview Orchards grows a peach crop every year. Roy described how Westview Orchards loves to join the Romeo Peach Festival, which she says signals the end of a great peach season.

Did you know there are two main types of peaches? There are Clingstone and Freestone peaches. Clingstone means the peach clings to the pit, while Freestone means the pit cleanly removes from the center.

Of course, Westview Orchards sells traditional peaches, but they also have peach pies, donuts, peach wine and peach “flips”, which Roy described as a pastry with “secret ingredients”.

Westview Orchards goes beyond peaches. The farm will be filled with Fall fun this September. Visitors will be able to take part in a U-Cut Sunflowers experience. The orchard’s harvest calendar also includes a variety of Fall apples. In addition, visitors can expect to see mums, squash and pumpkins this Fall season.

Westview Orchards and Winery is located at 65075 Van Dyke in Washington. Watch the video above to hear more about peaches and Westview Orchards and Winery’s history.

The Romeo Peach Festival runs Thursday, Sep. 1st through Monday, Sep. 5th.

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