Add some Detroit style to your tacos

Chicken tacos, Birria tacos and Elote-style chicken wings are on the menu

Tacos with a Detroit style are on the menu for Takeout Tuesday. They’re from Shell Shock’d Tacos, a place that was just named Restaurant of the Year during Detroit rapper Big Sean’s DON Awards.

Cedric Andrews and Margo Moon are the owners of Shell Shock’d Tacos in Southwest Detroit. They spoke with “Live in the D” host Jason Carr about their menu.

Andrews described Shell Shock’d Tacos’ chicken taco as having a Detroit style. He says it’s made with stewed, braised chicken, topped with Pico de Gallo, Cotija cheese, cilantro lime crème, Sriracha and finished off with cilantro. Shell Shock’d Tacos also has a Birria taco on the menu. It’s a stewed beef taco that comes with cheese, cilantro, onions, and a lime wedge. It comes with a side of consommé, which is the broth that the beef is stewed in. You’re supposed to dip the taco in the sauce before eating it.

Shell Shock’d Tacos’ culinary creativity is shown off by serving up chicken wings with a unique twist -- Elote-style chicken wings. Elote is a Mexican street corn. Andrews said they like to create what they want, so one day they decided to see how a wing tastes with the same ingredients that go on the Mexican street corn. They combined their house seasoning, Cotija cheese, their house crème, and some pieces of corn with chicken wings to create the dish.

Shell Shock’d Tacos is located at 2535 Bagley Street in Detroit. Watch the video above to hear about Shell Shock’d Tacos’ egg rolls and more.

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