Four new movies to watch this weekend

Movie reviewer Greg Russell shares thoughts on “Pinocchio,” “Clerks III,” “Wire Room,” and “Barbarian”

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There are a few movies to discuss today, but none of them are projected to be blockbusters. In fact, the biggest new movie may be streaming.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined “Live In The D” with four new movies for Reel Talk.

First, Russell discussed the live-action “Pinocchio” with Tom Hanks, which is out this week and is available on Disney+. He says that it is a retelling of the well-known tale. The plot revolves around a man who wants a son and creates a puppet, which is brought to life by a fairy. Russell says this movie is for kids and gives it four out of five reels.

Second, is the third installment of the “Clerks” series from Kevin Smith. This is one of those cult favorites, and Russell had the opportunity to chat with Smith about it. It was Smith’s 51st birthday when they began filming, and he said it was an absolutely great experience to be back where he started his career with friends he had been working with for 30 years. He said he wanted to make a story about their lives using the characters and himself. Russell gave this film three out of five reels and suggests that you see the first two “Clerks” so you can understand what’s happening.

Third, the action movie “Wire Room” stars Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon. Greg says that, unfortunately, this is Bruce’s last movie. The movie is about a guy who plays a government agent and goes into a room where he has to stop people from blowing up the world. Greg spoke with Dillon, who said that the film was made in just seven days and that he was pleased with the final product. He continued, saying it was challenging because nothing was showing on the screens in front of him and there were no actors in the room with him in person other than over the phone. Greg gave this film three out of five reels.

Finally, a horror-thriller based in Detroit called “Barbarian.” A young woman who travels to the city for a job interview and stays in an Airbnb is the subject of the film. She does not discover she is in a bad situation until the next morning, when it is sunny. In addition, when she arrived at the Airbnb it is double booked and the man who is willing to let her stay there as well, disappears. Once he is gone, weird things started to happen. Russell gives this film three and a half reels.

The complete interviews can be seen in the video above.

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