Wild wing flavors and side biscuits served up in Ann Arbor

Restaurant changes up its menu weekly

It all started in a driveway, grew into pop-ups across the area, and now there’s a brick-and-mortar location. That’s the story behind Side Biscuit in Ann Arbor, which is all about wings and biscuits.

Side Biscuit keeps customers on their toes by switching up the menu and offering different flavors. Every week they have a rotating wing and rotating biscuit that customers can enjoy. The restaurant’s owner, Jordan Balduf, says they’ve made around 70 different biscuit recipes since they began. Some of the biscuits include a classic Southern buttermilk biscuit with honey butter, a maize and blueberry biscuit with blueberry lemon compote, and a black sesame biscuit with togarashi butter.

Balduf says Side Biscuit uses a lot of Southeast Asian flavors, and they also do collaborations with other restaurants. Their wing of the week is a Macha Crunch wing, which Balduf described as a mix between a Mexican Salsa Macha and Sichuan Chili Crisp. Watch the video above to learn more.

Side Biscuit is located at 1232 Packard St. in Ann Arbor.

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