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Show off your artistic side while sipping cocktails

Sip & Script on Live in the D

How about a night of cocktails and fancy lettering? There are classes that will teach you the basics of modern calligraphy with a pointed dip pen and ink, perfect if you’re a fan of stationery art, a do-it-yourself bride-to-be, or just a crafty person.

The events are called “Sip & Script,” and one of the calligraphy instructors, Suki Liu, came on “Live in the D” with co-host Tati Amare to talk more about the events and illustrate the writing.

“Sip & Script” is a fun way to incorporate modern calligraphy into your everyday life,” Liu said.

According to Liu, “Sip & Script” has calligraphers across the country who work with fun local venues to host the classes, and she says with a drink in hand, it makes it more approachable and laid back.

Special utensils, such as a pen holder with a flexible metal tip known as a nib, are required to create beautiful letters. When you press down on the nib, the flexible tines open up. This makes the thick lines that are used in calligraphy.

A few of the stroke basics that Liu covered are:

  • To begin, you’ll need to dip the nib and wipe off any excess ink.
  • Second, up strokes are thin lines that are drawn up the page with little to no pressure.
  • Third, the magic happens on the down strokes. Put pressure on the nib as you move it down the page.

“You’ll notice a pattern of going thick down and thin when you go up,” Liu said.

Liu also runs a small business named Signed by Suki, in addition to Sip & Script. She said that she specializes in event signage, creating welcome signs, seating charts, and other items. She also makes large chalkboard menus for local businesses. To add a touch of calligraphy to the celebration, she engraves words on stainless steel champagne flutes and wine bottles.

For additional information, see the Sip & Script and Signed by Suki websites.

Watch the video above to see Liu and Amare practice the basic strokes of calligraphy.

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