Three new movies to watch this weekend

Movie reviewer Greg Russell share thoughts on “Don’t Worry Darling,” “A Jazzman’s Blues,” and “Lou”

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From theaters to Netflix, there are a slew of movies out to let you know about today.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell is back on “Live in the D” for Reel Talk.

Russell started with a movie that has people talking more about the off-screen drama than the on-screen drama called “Don’t Worry Darling.” The movie stars Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, and they play characters who are married and live in a community that’s “too perfect.” The more they investigate, they discover the weirdness going on there. Greg gives this movie three and a half reels out of five.

Next, a new movie from Tyler Perry with no Madea in the film. It is called “A Jazzman’s Blues” and has heavy drama and a serious story. It takes place in the 1940′s in the South with an African American family where the father loves one son but does not like the other one. The son he does not like has great singing chops and falls in love with a woman in his community who is also black but looks white and throws everything into a frenzy.

In an interview with Russell, Tyler Perry revealed that he wanted to give these characters a voice and allow them to narrate their own stories. He believes that these stories must be communicated, shared, and kept alive.

Solea Pfeiffer said it is a beautiful thing when you meet that person who feels like home and it is impossible to let it go. She added that the lovely thing about these characters is that their lives are the Murphy’s law version of their life; “everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” But, they still hang on to their love for one other. Russell gives this movie four reels.

“Lou”, is a film featuring Allison Janney as an action star, and has also been released on Netflix. Greg emphasized that the audience won’t know what’s going on at first. Janney’s character, a woodswoman who just wants to be left alone, hears her neighbor’s daughter is abducted, prompting her to join the search party.

Russell spoke with Janney and Jurnee Smollett about the film, and Smollett revealed that the characters initially had an interesting judgment about one other. Russell gives this film four reels.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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