Artist makes his mark in the D

Marlo Broughton creates murals and more

Artist Marlo Broughton on Live in the D

Detroit is home to a lot of amazing art from the Detroit Institute of Arts to the murals at Eastern Market. One local artist who is making a name for himself in Detroit is Marlo Broughton.

Broughton, who goes by “Marlo Bro”, used the words “lucid” and “surreal” to describe his art while appearing on “Live In The D”. He creates colorful paintings and murals. According to Broughton, there’s always an undertone of what’s going on in the country. Broughton said his art is very colorful because “we are very colorful and lively people.”

You can see Broughton’s murals in places like Eastern Market, restaurants in Dearborn, and even overseas in Istanbul, Turkey. His artistic journey has also involved Detroit rapper Big Sean. Broughton said he used to make storyboards and help Big Sean with ideas for his mixed tape covers. Watch the video above to see some of Broughton’s artwork.

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