This school helps design the future of fashion

Fashion designer teaches sewing skills to students

Mila Pershyna Fashion on Live in the D

Detroit is known for music, cars, sports… and how about fashion? There’s a school that’s designed to help students shine bright in the fashion world. MP Fashion School was opened by Mila Pershyna, who has worn the crown as Mrs. USA, walked the runway as a fashion designer, and now she’s helping teach the next generation of designers.

Fashion has been a lifelong passion for Pershyna who says she’s been sewing and designing since she was four or five years old. She later went on to start her own brand called MP Fashion. Through her fashion show, Pershyna is passing on the skills that have helped her find success in the fashion world.

MP Fashion School offers classes to help young designers start their own fashion brand. Pershyna says she teaches skills like draping, basic sewing, advanced sewing, tailoring, and even working with factories. MP Fashion School offers both in-person and online classes. Pershyna recommends anyone 15 or older sign up for online classes. You can find more information on MP Fashion School’s website.

Watch the video above to see some of the designs created by a MP Fashion School student.

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