This pizza spot gives curbside service a new meaning

Jason Carr tries out the pizza robot

Day or night, rain or shine, this pizza spot is ready to curb your craving for pizza. It’s called Zabot Pizza Robot and Jason Carr and his daughter, Gia, went to check out this unique spot and ordered a cheese pizza.

According to Jason, Zabot Pizza Robot is open 24/7 and is located in the parking lot of a pizzeria.

“One thing you need to know though, it is in a parking lot. You literally just pull up, park your car, and get out and do the “boop, boop, boop” like you’re at an ATM,” said Jason.

Gia said the pizza was delicious and would try it again, while Jason said it was average.

“She liked it and she said that she would have it again, as you just saw, I thought it was just okay,” said Jason. “It wasn’t bad, and there’s no bad pizza, right? If you’re hungry and you want pizza, you’re going to eat it.”

According to Jason, the only inconvenient part was that the pizza was not pre-cut.

“The takeaway is, they have a little basket of knives, individually wrapped plastic knives, and that’s how you cut the pizza. It does not come out pre-sliced, so that part is a bit of a pain…,” he said.

Zabot Pizza Robot is located at 30735 Greenfield Rd. in Southfield and has a variety of items on its menu.

To learn more, watch the video above.

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