Get a view beneath the surface of a pond at this Metropark

The Underwater Pond Dome is one of the biggest attractions at Indian Springs Metropark

When it comes to Metroparks, you probably know of all the big ones - Kensington Metropark in Milford, Stony Creek in Shelby Township, or Lower Huron in Belleville. Well, one park that doesn’t get much attention is Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake, and it has one of the coolest views around!

If you follow the winding road that leads you into the park, nestled in the rolling hills, you will find the Environmental Discovery Center. It’s a large, multi-story building with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a pond.

The Environmental Discovery Center is much like a nature center, but with a larger focus on the surrounding environments. There are displays that showcase the prairie with its tall grasses and wildlife, including a model of the Massasauga Rattlesnake, the only venomous snake found in Michigan. There you will learn about why the prairie plants need such deep root systems and why prairies need a controlled burn every few years to remain healthy.

Besides the prairies, they also focus on the wetlands, and their most popular exhibit is their underwater pond dome.

Located on the basement floor is a peek beneath the surface of the pond. Follow the long acrylic tunnel into a massive dome that puts you on the level with the pond floor. You can spot the varieties of fish that inhabit the pond including blue gill and large-mouth bass, among other creatures. This gives a really natural, undisturbed look at how these animals interact with their environment.

The adjoining hallway also has a variety of viewing windows at various heights with even more views of the pond. There you will also learn how scientists measure water clarity with Secchi discs, which are black and white markers that denote the distance you can see in the water.

Whether you want to hit the trails and explore these environments in person, or head inside and get a view unlike any other - Indian Springs Metropark has a lot to offer about the world you see around you.

For more information on Indian Springs, and other Metroparks in our area, as well as their year-round programming, click here.

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