It’s a race against and through time

A look into the show “La Brea”

On the NBC show “La Brea,” a giant sink hole takes viewers through mysterious lands and time travel. The shows main characters follow their own adventurous paths looking for answers in this drama deries. Two of the cast members spoke with “Live in the D’s,” Jason Carr about being stuck in 1988 after being pulled there in a portal. The two are trying to figure out how to stop a major Tidal Wave that could destroy the world. When asked how it is working in a setting from that era, Vernonia St. Clair, who plays Riley Velez on the show said, “It’s great. My parents were college aged during that time, and now we’re playing characters in college now, it’s so fun... we’ve got the hair and customs.” When Jason asked Jack Martin, who plays Josh Harris on the show, if viewers will see a connection between the “down below world,” and the “1988″ he said, answers will be seen in the coming shows.

La Brea airs Tuesday’s at 9pm on NBC.

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