New movies from big stars are making their debut

Jason Momoa, Ryan Reynolds, and Will Ferrell have new films

Reel Talk on Live in the D

Whether you’re looking for comedy, Christmas vibes, or a trip to a fantasyland, there’s a variety of new movies premiering just in time for the weekend.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell appeared on “Live In The D” to talk with host Jason Carr about some of the films during Reel Talk.

Jason and Greg’s conversation started with a movie that might get you in the holiday spirit because this one is literally called “Spirited”. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds star in the musical/comedy that offers a new take on Charles Dickens’ famous tale, “A Christmas Carol”. Reynolds takes on the role of a scrooge, while Ferrell is the Ghost of Christmas Present. “Spirited” is playing in theaters and Apple TV+ will also be streaming the film. Greg gave “Spirited” 4 reels out of 5.

However, it’s not all holiday cheer at the box office. The next movie Jason and Greg talked about is a comedy horror film called “The Menu”. This one is about a couple that visits a destination restaurant on a remote island, but their dining experience doesn’t go as expected.

“Aquaman” star Jason Momoa is back in action, but he’s trading in his trident for horns in his new fantasy adventure movie called “Slumberland”. Momoa plays the character “Flip” who is trying to help a young girl find her father who disappeared. They enter the world of “Slumberland”, which is filled with dreams and nightmares. Greg said the kids will love this movie because there’s a lot of magic. He added that a lot of the moms he’s talked to like the movie because it stars Momoa. “Slumberland” earned 4 reels from Greg.

Aside from new films grabbing attention, fans are also watching season five of the Netflix hit series “The Crown”, which is about the Royal Family. Watch the video above to see Greg’s interview with actress Elizabeth Debicki who plays Princess Diana in the series.

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