Hudson’s holiday exhibit sparks Christmas nostalgia

Exhibit returns for 2nd year through December

Hudson Exhibit on Live in the D

When you enter the Hudson’s holiday exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum, you’re greeted by a large photo of Mr. John Williams.

From 1914 till 1959, Mr. Williams worked as a doorman, greeting shoppers and visitors, so it’s only fitting his photo greets you in the exhibit, and that’s just the beginning of what you’ll see there.

“Going back to the 1800′s with JL Hudson and he started a small store, started buying napkins and table wear and it grew to be this overwhelming presence in the city of Detroit where anybody you talk to on the streets, everybody knew about the Hudson’s Department Store,” said Tracy Irwin, Chief Exhibition Officer, with the Detroit Historical Society.

The exhibit now in it’s 2nd year at the museum takes visitors on a journey through the glory years of Hudson’s between 1911 and 1983. Guests will learn all about the famous store, which opened its 25-story structure on Woodward in Downtown Detroit in 1946, making it the world’s tallest department store until 1961. The exhibit is only open during the holidays and takes you back in time, during Christmas time at Hudson’s, which was truly magical.

“It was an experience whether you were walking around the building and looking in the windows, or if you were going in the building and being greeted by all of the greeters, going up the elevators, walking into Toyland,” Irwin said.

The exhibit runs throughout December at the Detroit Historical Museum, and every Sunday during December the museum is free to the public.

For a glimpse of the Hudson’s exhibit and to view the entire interview, click the video above.

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