Keep your pets safe during holiday travel

Michigan Humane shares advice for pet parents

Many families will be traveling over the holidays and taking their pets with them for the adventures. If you’re going to be out and about with your furry friend, there are some things you can do to make it safer and more enjoyable for them.

Michigan Humane shared some advice to help pet parents and their four-legged friends. First, make sure your pet is wearing a collar with their ID tag. If they have a microchip, you should make sure it is up to date. You can help keep your pet safe in the car by using a harness clip, car carrier or crating them. You’re also encouraged to bring a copy of your pet’s medical records with you during your travels. Packing emergency supplies is also key to ensuring a safe holiday season.

If you’re looking to add a new pet to the family, Michigan Humane could have the perfect match for you. One of their adoptable pets is a snuggly cat named Dot Matrix. Watch the video above for more information about Dot Matrix.

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