Have you ever tried a pickle sandwich?

You can use a pickle in place of the bread

If you’re trying to cut the carbs, you may be saying so long to sandwiches. Instead, have you thought about trying bread alternatives? There are multiple substitutions that be used to replace the bread in a sandwich.

How about a pickle sandwich? Large dill pickles can be cut in half to be used as an alternative for bread. What’s The Dill is a sandwich shop in Detroit that focuses solely on creating sandwiches without bread and features a variety of pickle sandwiches.

Another breadless option is using tomato slices to sandwich around your deli fillings. Or, you can even use bell pepper slices to create a sandwich effect.

Cucumber wraps could be another way to enjoy your favorite sandwich elements. To create a cucumber wrap, you slice long, thin slices of cucumber, and then roll them around whatever whatever you’d like to eat. Watch the video above to see What’s The Dill co-owner Leona Milton make a cucumber wrap and to check out other items on their menu.

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