Advice on reducing dry and flaky skin this winter

Local boutique also offers personalized sugar scrub

Many people, especially here in Michigan, suffer from dry, flaky skin in the wintertime and often find themselves constantly applying creams and lotions to their hands throughout the day.

Shannon Reaves, owner and CEO of Detroit-based Bath Savvy Naturals, says she has a solution.

Reaves said her skin care business started as a hobby when her mother learned how to make soap. From there, they built a business all on plant-based ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, grape seed oil, and more.

Reaves has a product called oil cream for dry skin, which is a solid oil with shea butter that can be used from head to toe, even on your lips. She also recommended a sugar scrub to help your skin. She suggests that after you cleanse your skin, go in with a sugar scrub and remove the extra dead skin.

Reaves also said that there is something at her boutique called the “Bath Savvy Scent Experience.” She said people can come into the store and mix their own scent, add their desired color, and create a customized scrub.

For more on how to sign up for the experience, and see how else they can hep with skin care, watch the video above for the complete interview.

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