Does the new year have you wanting to try new things?

Friends of the show discuss whether they’ll try new adventures or not

We are halfway through the first month of 2023, and as you look ahead to the coming year, this is the month to consider trying something new.

What’s The Buzz is all about new things you want to try and things you won’t.

Blaine Fowler, the co-host of the Blaine and Lauren show, mornings on 96.3 WDVD, and Vanessa Cohen, the co-founder of the Cohen brand and owner of Motor City Date Night, joined Tai Amare and Meredith Bruckner for the discussion.

Try indoor skydiving in Metro Detroit?

Cohen said she has gone skydiving in real life, and this looks scarier than the real thing, but she would do it. Fowler asked what would happen if the power went out, but he would not try this. Amare said that she would try this but would not try it in real life. Bruckner said she would not try this at all because she has bad luck.

Venture across the Skybridge, the longest suspension bridge in Michigan.

Fowler’s wife did it, but he said there was no way he would do it because it’s very high and parts of it have a plexiglass floor. Cohen said the adventurous side wants to say yes, but it is not for her, so she would have to pass.

Pickle ball was all the rage in 2022, but would you try it?

Amare said pickleball was a lot of fun, but she got her butt kicked by people four decades older than her. The panel agreed unanimously and said yes, they would try it.

Winter sports have been around for a while, but many people haven’t tried them. Would you try curling or cross-country skiing? Snowboarding?

Bruckner said these all have different safety and comfort levels, but she will try them all. Blaine said yes curling, cross-country skiing (for which he won an award), and no to snowboarding. Cohen said if it’s anything outside the house, she will get dressed, put on the outfit, and sit by the fire. Amare said she has tried snowboarding and wants to try cross-country skiing.

Watch the video above for the complete interview.

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