Fuel up on a delicious omelet

Local chef shares how to cook a popular breakfast dish

Omelets are a breakfast favorite, but the secret to a delicious omelet goes beyond just the ingredients. The order that you prepare the ingredients is also key.

When you’re making an omelet, first you’ll need to cook any protein, such as bacon and sausage, said Chef Teresa Hall from Campus Bistro in Detroit. She explained they need to be cooked first to make sure they’re cooked properly before you add the eggs.

After whipping up your eggs in a bowl, you’ll pour them into your pan. Next, it’s time to add in the vegetables. You want your vegetables to remain crunchy, so Chef Hall suggests cooking any spinach last since she says it will wilt first. Once the omelet has started to cook up a bit, you’ll add in the cheese. The final step will be flipping the omelet, and then enjoying your breakfast.

Campus Bistro is a Detroit spot that serves up a variety of omelets, along with breakfast and lunch items. Watch the video above to see what’s on their menu and to watch Chef Hall demonstrate how to make an omelet.

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