Are you ready to take your sandwiches up a notch?

Deli owner shares advice for creating a better sandwich

When you think of a traditional lunch, sandwiches might come to mind. So how about zhuzhing up your sandwich to make it stand out?

A local deli owner believes the secret to building a better sandwich is keeping the integrity of the bread. Steve Zuccaro, from Lunchbox Deli in Grosse Pointe Park, says you have to protect the bread. He explained that you don’t want to put the dressing or sauce directly on the bread. Instead, Zuccaro suggests using an ingredient like lettuce or cheese as a barrier between the bread and the dressing. He said this will make it harder for the bread to disintegrate before you eat it.

When it comes to the bread, how do you know what type to pair with your sandwich? Zuccaro shared that it’s key to make sure that the bread you use will contain the sandwich and nothing will fall out while you’re eating it. He also shared that you’ll want to use a heartier style of bread for a sandwich that has more sauces.

Watch the video above for more advice from Zuccaro and to see some of the items featured on the menu at Lunchbox Deli.

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