Platform shoes are on the rise again

Here’s how you can bring back the look

Do you own a pair of platform shoes? If not, you might want to get a pair because the style has made a comeback.

Platform shoes were big in Hollywood in the 1930s. Stars like Marlene Dietrich, Carmen Miranda and Mae West wore them and helped to start the platform trend. Fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo even made rainbow wedge platforms for actress Judy Garland, and they ended up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fast forward to the 1970s, when the platform shoe had a renaissance. David Bowie rocked futuristic platforms, while others like The Pointer Sisters, Bette Midler, and Steve Knicks also embraced the style.

Now you might see more people wearing platforms again. From funky colored to crystal beaded platforms, there are a variety of different designs that fall into this style. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan says to “be bold” in your platform shoes. One option is a platform with a stiletto style heel. Jordan mentioned this look can make your legs look long and lean. Or, you can even get a pair of plaid platforms, which Jordan described an ode to the movie “Clueless” and the character Cher.

Platforms don’t just have to be about fashion. They can also be about function. Jordan explained that platforms can be practical, including platform boots or a pair with a log sole. He mentioned that the style can be worn all year round. Platform sandals can even be worn in the winter with heavy socks or tights, Jordan said.

Watch the video above to get a look at some platform shoes Jordan highlighted on “Live In The D.”

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