Historical Museum honors present-day Detroiters

New exhibit recognizes Black entrepreneurs

When you think of the Detroit Historical Museum, you think of the past, but through a new exhibition the museum is celebrating those making an impact now, in the present. “The project is really designed to celebrate Detroit’s unsung hero’s, the people from the neighborhoods who really make our neighborhood come to life who make our lives as Detroiters the kind of rich interesting lives that they are,” Rebecca Salminen-Witt, Chief Strategy and Marketing Director, with the Detroit Historical Society told “Live in the D’s,” April Morton. This is the 2nd installment of the exhibit titled “The Hustle,” where 34 Black owned Detroit small businesses are recognized not only for their hustle and grind, but for giving back to the community.

Khali Sweeney, Owner of the Downtown Boxing Gym, had a rough start in life, but after overcoming illiteracy and life on the streets, he started out on a new path, to help at risk youth. “So I went back to school and made myself a promise that I was going to try and give back and so I started reaching out to all the young people. ‘Like listen, you don’t have to be dead or in jail, you can do something else.’” Sweeney said. The Downtown Boxing Gym is part of the 4 phases of “The Hustle,” exhibition, which features a very versatile group, from medical professionals, to non-profits.

The current phase of “The Hustle,” runs through April 9. The entire project runs through the end of 2023.

To view the entire interview, click the video above.