This ‘ex’ is the spot for a chicken sandwich

Menu features a variety of chicken options

There’s a mystery surrounding the restaurants called Ex-Wife’s Famous Chicken. The big question: Who is behind it all?

“Is it the ex-wife? Is it the ex-husband?” said Chef Ameer Abbas, the Director of Operations for Ex-Wife’s Famous Chicken. “We keep it up to the public to try and figure that out,” he added.

Although the story behind the restaurants is unclear, what is clear is what’s on their menu. It features a variety of items made with halal chicken. Ex-Wife’s Famous Chicken sticks with catchy names when it comes to their chicken sandwiches. The names are: basic chick, wild chick, boujie chick, and the hot chick. Options for their chicken tenders include plain Jane, miso honey butter, Nashville hot chicken, and lemon & pink peppercorn. Aside from the chicken, the restaurant also serves up fries, mac and cheese and “cole hearted slaw”.

Ex-Wife’s Famous Chicken currently has locations in Dearborn Heights, Warren, and Battle Creek with more locations in the works. Watch the video above to hear more about Ex-Wife’s Famous Chicken.

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