Make a bold statement with your headwear

Hat tricks to try with your style

There are many occasions approaching where the hat will be the center of attention. Easter, the Kentucky Derby, and the Coronation. There are many ways to style your hat that will help you to look cap-tivating. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined Tati Amare and guest-host Randy Henry on “Live in the D” to chat about ways to style your hats.

Jordan said that you can upgrade a five-dollar sun hat by adding a stylish scarf around the brim. If you want to tone down, the style you can take the brim off to create a little hat. Jordan said, “This is all about upgrading very inexpensive things and making the special.”

Jordan said that you can upgrade a baseball hat by adding headbands around it and oversized sunglasses. Layering two bucket hats will also give you a “chic” look.

To learn more about hat styles, watch the video above.