La Feria is bringing a taste of Spain to Detroit

Celebrate small business week

This week marks the celebration of small business week and one way to commemorate this week is to support small and local businesses in your area. Elias Khalil is the co-owner of La Feria and the 2012 Hatch Detroit Winner. Khalil said that the restaurant front opened in 2013. “The contest itself put us on the map. It made Detroiters aware of this motivation, this groundswell enthusiasm to build more brick-and-mortar retail businesses. And because of that exposure, we had a huge loyal fanbase by the time we did open a year after we won the contest,” said Khalil.

Khalil said that he has given back to other budding entrepreneurs through mentorship. He also said that in 2018 the restaurant expanded to include a retail section and wine bar.

To learn more about La Feria restaurant, watch the video above.