Starting an outdoor project? Here’s how you can know what’s underground before (safely) digging in

Free utility notification system ensures you will know what’s below before you start digging

The warmer weather means it’s time to get outside and work on projects. If you’re taking on a project that will require you to dig into the ground, you should first consider what might be buried beneath.

Perhaps there’s an electrical or gas line that could wreak havoc if struck. Nobody wants to deal with that.

Eric Urbain, with Miss Dig 811, said anyone within Michigan can dial 811 to help them understand what kind of utilities might be running through their yard and where so they can rest assure when they begin their project, they won’t run the risk of hitting anything that’s buried underground.

Urbain said residents calling in can expect to have their information taken. That information will then be sent to any area utility companies that will then make a trip to the home to mark the areas planned for the project. They will use clear markings on the ground and flags.

These flags are the same you might have noticed stuck in the ground around parts of your neighborhood.

Here’s what each flag represents:

  • Red is a flag for an underground electrical line.
  • Yellow is a flag for an underground natural gas line.
  • Blue is a flag for an underground water line.
  • Orange is a flag for underground internet or cable lines.
  • Green is a flag for sewer or storm drains.

Urbain said Miss Dig 811 will not show up at anyone’s home.

“We will not show up on your property,” he said. “Our service is the notification center and the distribution of information.”

You can go tap or click here to find out more about how Miss Dig 811can help you before you start your outdoor summer project.