Longtime Oak Park bakery celebrates Jewish American heritage

Bakery makes challah, rugelach and more

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, and one Jewish bakery has been passing on traditions and feeding the community for more than a century.

Star Bakery has been around since 1915. It started in Detroit, but moved to Oak Park in 1954, said Stacy Fox, the president of Star Bakery Company.

Fox appeared on “Live In The D” to highlight the history of some popular Jewish bakery items. First, she talked about challah, which is a bread that is recognizable by its braiding. Fox explained that challah can be made in a variety of different ways, such as a simple braid, a circular style, and in various sizes. Fox even brought a rainbow challah to the Local 4 studio. Once the bread is braided, it is then brushed with an egg wash and you can sprinkle on sesame seeds before baking it.

Rugelach is another popular Jewish bakery item. “Rugelach” is a Yiddish word and describes a rolled jam filled cookie, explained Fox. She said it can be made with nuts, chocolate, apricot, and cinnamon. According to Fox, rugelach recipes often include butter and cream cheese in the United States, but she says it’s still made with a yeast recipe in Israel and Europe.

Star Bakery is located at 26031 Coolidge Hwy. in Oak Park. There is also a sister bakery called Diamond Bakery, which is located at 6722 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. Watch the video above to learn more about Jewish bakery items.

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