Customize your takeout with a sea of options

You can pick the toppings for your ceviche bowl

Have you ever tried ceviche? One man’s craving for the dish led to him starting a growing business in Metro Detroit.

After living in San Diego, Evan Shina said he moved back to the Detroit area and was craving tacos and ceviche. Shina says he called his nephew, Emilio Shina, and asked what he thought about the concept. Then they started testing out some items. Fast forward to present day, and they are behind Seaviche Tacos & Bowls.

So, what exactly is ceviche? Shina described it as a mixture of fresh vegetables like red onion, Spanish onion, cilantro, cucumber and tomato, with cured seafood. Ceviche is cured by the acid of lime or lemon juice. The seafood they use is salmon, shrimp and raw tuna. Seaviche serves bowls that can be customized when it comes to the protein, toppings and salsa. The toppings range from corn to black beans, pinto beans, queso, lettuce, tomato, Cotija cheese, black olives, avocado, and more. Seaviche’s menu also includes other options like tacos and churro chips.

Seaviche Tacos & Bowls is located at 3242 E. Jefferson in Detroit. Watch the video above to see some of their food.

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