Frankenmuth over the summer has plenty of things to do

The fun in Frankenmuth goes beyond the food

When you think of Frankenmuth, Christmas ornaments and delicious chicken dinners might come to mind, but the city also offers other experiences for visitors.

One event that’s sure to catch your eye is Balloons over Bavarian Inn. Visitors can check out tethered balloon rides, balloon flights and balloon glows when it gets dark. Balloons over Bavarian Inn will run Friday, May 26th through Memorial Day at River Place Shops.

Meanwhile, animal lovers might want to head over to the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl. It’s the largest Olympic-style dog competition in the country, according to Lydia Wilder, the Director of Operations and Service in Frankenmuth. The competition will include dog diving and Weiner dog races. The Dog Bowl will be held Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th at River Place Shops.

Beer lovers can fill up a cup with the Bavarian Bierpass. It’s a passport that you buy that includes various locations in Frankenmuth that offer wine, spirits and beers. When you purchase a beverage a those spots, you’ll get a stamp. Once you collect 15 stamps, you can return the passport to the Visitor’s Center to get a free t-shirt.

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of lawn gnomes around Frankenmuth. There are around thirty gnome statues throughout the community. Visitors are invited to go on a gnome hunt. Once you spot 15 of them, you can return to the Visitor’s Center to get a prize. You can download an app to play the game, or you can pick one up at the Visitor’s Center.

To learn more about Frankenmuth, watch the video above or click here.

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