From the classroom to the catwalk

Detroit fashion program/students getting international attention

When you arrive on the 9th floor inside the College for Creative Studies, you may think you’re in a fancy department store, or upscale cloture design studio in New York or LA. Just a peak outside the window is a perfect view of the Ren Cen, confirming, yes, you’re in a world class city, affectionately known as the D!

The space is one of the latest additions to CCS Fashion Design School. “It started two years ago as a test as far as concept,” said Leslie Ann Pillings, Professor of the Senior Collection at the College for Creative Studies Fashion Design School. That concept, Pillings said, of adding an apparel department to the accessories department at CCS is proving to be successful.

The studio is filled with unique fashion, all designed by students, like Cameron Sucaut of Royal Oak, who finds inspiration from the working class in Belgium and Detroit. “In my collection I designed classical workwear pieces such as a everyday carry bag,” Sucaut said. His, and the designs by fellow classmates, were featured in a recent fashion show put on by the school. “It is their finale collection, so it goes from concept, to runway, then we also talk about the business of fashion. So, continuing literally to the marketplace,” Pillings said.

She also said the school is getting attention by some pretty big name brands. “The talent scout from Louis Vuitton, people from Hermes, walk through the studio, the relationship with CCS is really international,” said Pillings.

The school is now accepting new students.

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