Furry friends bring sunshine and smiles

Metro Detroit organization provides visits from pets

They’re cute, and they do tricks, but the main purpose for a pack of pooches, who recently visited a Chesterfield assistant living home, is to spread joy. Residents say the pets doing a doggone good job.

“The day may have been a little bit rough, like mine was today, but I know from this point on, I’ve got a little bit of an uplift going on,” said assisted living home resident Paul Sulknowski.

He and other residents get to enjoy a visit from their furry friends every second Tuesday of the month thanks to a special program called Pet-A-Pet.

“It’s a non-profit organization where volunteers go with their pets to senior homes, to hospitals, and we’ll go to the schools or libraries,” said Janice Davis, a volunteer with Pet-a-Pet. She and other volunteers said it’s a great feeling when they can use their pets to make others happy.

If you have a dog, cat, bunny, or any other friendly pet, and you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Pet-a-Pet, they are always looking for people to help spread joy.

To view the entire interview, and for more information about the program, click the video above.

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