Judge refuses to reinstate charges against mother

Maryanne Godboldo arrested in March over13-year-old's care

Maryanne Godboldo
Maryanne Godboldo

DETROIT – A Detroit mother will not face criminal charges for a standoff with police in a dispute over the care of her daughter.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bill said Monday there wasn't enough evidence to charge Maryanne Godboldo with resisting arrest and shooting a gun inside her house. The judge agreed with a lower court judge, who threw out the charges in August.

"It has just been devastating but I thank the judge for doing the right thing, or just following the law, upholding the law like he vowed to do," Godboldo said after the judge's ruling.

Godboldo was arrested in March after keeping police at bay. She had been battling the Michigan Department of Human Services after taking her daughter off Risperdal, a medication used to contain aggression and treat autism. Ariana was 13 at the time.

Separately, Godboldo's attorney, Byron Pitts, says a judge in a different court said Monday that Godboldo can keep custody of her daughter.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's office has announced it will appeal Monday's ruling to drop all criminal charges related to the criminal case.