Ypsilanti Township on alert after young girls targeted by man

17-year-old tells Local 4 she bit hand of attacker to get away


YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Washtenaw County Sheriff is looking for a man who is riding a bike and attacking girls on the way to the school bus.

Three attacks happened Wednesday morning, including on a 17-year old-girl who talked with Local 4.

She said a strange man grabbed her from behind.

"He came up and then he went like this (hand over mouth) and told me don't move but I end up biting his finger," the girl told Local 4.

Her dad, Mario Love, got into his car and went on the hunt.

"I seen a guy on a bike. And I went past the street and turned around. That's when he seen me and then he took off through one of the houses," he said.  

He called 911 and sheriff's deputies were there in minutes. If he had caught the man, he would have pounced.

"There would have been no talking. Not at all the way he puts his hands on my daughter," Love said.  

The same man on a bike also attacked an 11-year-old girl, grabbing her arm and saying, "you're coming with me."  But she screamed broke free.

That happened near the corner of Chevrolet and Studebaker. 


"Oh my, of all days, I didn't walk her to the bus completely," said the victim's mother.

She said she will walk her daughter to the bus stop with the dog until the man is caught.

Description of man

The descriptions of the man are all the same from those families: a younger black male, balding, wearing a black and white striped hoodie, red shorts and riding a dark colored bike.

He may also have bite marks on one hand.

Area schools have told parents to keep a close watch on their kids.


Anyone with information call 911 or the Washtenaw County Sheriff at 734-971-8400.