Teacher who got student pregnant will receive pension, health insurance

Former Saranac teacher will get about $21K/year

KENT COUNTY, Mich. – A Kent County judge sentenced a former Saranac High School teacher Tuesday afternoon to six months in jail and he'll keep getting his pension from the state.
Krag Sanford, 59, is the soon-to-be father of the ex-student's baby. The two filed for a marriage license in Kent County in March.
Sanford admitted he had an affair with his 16-year-old student in 2010 while he was a teacher in Saranac.

The guidelines for the sentencing were already set and it was unlikely Sanford would be sentenced to more than the nine months he would already have to serve. "This is a pretty set sentence for me in this particular instance," said Kent County Circuit Court Judge Paul Sullivan, who presided over the sentencing. The Kent County sentence was set after the Ionia County sentence as part of an agreement worked out between the defendant and prosecutors in both counties. "Our guidelines were lower than the Ionia County guidelines," said Kent County Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Chris Becker.

Sanford will still receive his annual pension $21,132 from the state. He will also receive retiree health coverage as well, according to a Department of Education spokesperson. Sanford resigned from his teaching position in November 2010, just days before police found out about the allegations from one of the student's family members. Sanford told the judge he wants to get a job after getting out jail, but it won't be teaching. As part of the plea agreement, Sanford gave up his teaching certificate and had to register as a sex offender.